Kalina is a Junior Studying Environmental Engineering and Sustainability. Her California upbringing kept her in close proximity to the redwood forests and ocean coastline throughout childhood, and her passion for the environment inevitably blossomed. A regularly overcommitted individual, Kalina strives to Be The Change™ as a member of Pantanal Partnership and an organizer for environmental activism on campus. She currently strives toward a career in sustainability through alternative design and biomaterials utilization. She is a proud member of the WEG$ pledge class, though regrettably had no input on their name. Kalina loves hiking with her puppy, autobiographies, and vegetarian cooking.

Vice President of Communications

Lily Antor is a junior LSA student from Kalamazoo, Michigan. She is majoring in History and Political Science and minoring in Environment. Lily can often be found cracking jokes about her sizable family, acting a fool on Twitter, and driving her Toyota pick-up (decorated with a “Make America Green Again” sticker, of course) to the closest trailhead, ski slope, bookstore, or tea shop. She is a proud enthusiast of NPR, socks, candle-collecting, and anything related to the Great Lakes. Apart from EH, Lily is a dialogue facilitator on campus with the Global Scholars Program and works with the Big Ten Voting Challenge through U-M’s chapter of Turn Up Turnout. She is a part of the BYODB rush class and has nothing but love for her fellow dirt bags. 

Communications Chair

Kira Biener is a sophomore BYODB hailing from Louisville, Colorado. She is studying Climate Sciences and Impacts, with two minors: Computer Science and Environmental Geology. She really likes to talk about rocks, and is always down to go on a hike to see said rocks. Her second favorite animal is a Pika, which lives in rocky alpine terrain near her hometown. Outside of EH, Kira sails on the Michigan Club team, likes to skateboard or roller skate with friends, and talks about the weather for fun.  

Vice President of Programming

Nikki is a sophomore from Dexter, Michigan studying environmental engineering with a minor in public policy. After college, she plans to pursue a career in environmental policy related to air quality. Nikki draws her passion for protecting the environment from her parents, who both worked at the Environmental Protection Agency in Ann Arbor for over 30 years. Her love for the environment grew with her love of plants, and she is currently the proud mom of over 20 plants. In her free time, she enjoys knitting, crocheting, painting, quilting, or virtually any other type of crafting. When the weather is nice, you can find her reading a good book outside, going for a walk with her dogs, or going on a bike ride. Outside of Epsilon Eta, Nikki plays mellophone in the Michigan Marching Band and is a member of Chi Epsilon, the Civil Engineering Honor Society.

Programming Chair

Aakriti Gupta is a junior from New Delhi, India triple majoring in the Program in the Environment with a specialization in Business, Justice and Society along with International Studies (Global Health and Education) and History.
Her interest in the environment peaked early in middle school when she was appointed a tiger conservation ambassador for her state. Now she is passionate about race and gender in the environment and wildlife conservation. She even studied abroad in Kenya for a semester to study the same! In her free time you can find her re-watching every rom-com on Netflix, shopping for shoes, deep cleaning her apartment or shouting at people for not recycling properly.

Vice President of Social

Daniel Schneider is a sophomore from West Bloomfield, MI, majoring in Program in the Environment. He has a strong interest in the intersection between the environment and data, and hopes to pursue a masters degree in Environmental Informatics. In his free time, he likes to cook, read, and spend time in the forest.

Social Chair

Tommy McEwen is a sophomore at the University of Michigan originally from Royal Oak, Michigan and majoring in Economics and minoring in Sustainability.  After college, he would like to pursue a career in environmental economics or another environmental policy related field. He credits his passion for the environment to his yearly camping trips going “up north” with his dad as a kid. In his free time, Tommy enjoys travelling, hiking, and anything sports related. 

Vice President of Recruitment

Sean is a sophomore from Toledo, Ohio. He is studying Chemical Engineering where he hopes to make environmental improvements within industry. Coming from borderline-rural Ohio, Sean is literally awe struck by every aspect of nature that isn’t a corn field. As such, he is motivated to do what he can to preserve the planet for all living creatures to enjoy. During Sean’s free time, catch him on a skateboard, going out for a trail run, jamming to music, or meditating somewhere in nature. He is a strong advocate for crunchy peanut butter and pineapples on pizza, among other strong food-related opinions.

Vice President of Finance

Kristina Rogers is a sophomore in Stamps with a minor in geology. Having spent much of her life on the stone beaches of Lake Huron and Lake St.Clair, Kristina has become a rock fanatic and lover of the outdoors. She’s interested in the intersection of art, environmentalism, and social justice. Outside of Eta, Kristina is a designer for the Every Three Weekly newspaper, and a member of Shift Creator Space. In her free time you can find her potting plants in garbage, thinking about rocks, or getting a slushie from 7/11.