Kristina Rogers, President

Kristina Rogers is a junior in Stamps with a minor in geology. Having spent much of their life on the stone beaches of Lake Huron and Lake St.Clair, Kristina has become a rock fanatic and lover of the outdoors. They’re interested in the intersection of art, environmentalism, and social justice. In their free time you can find them potting plants in garbage, thinking about rocks, or getting a slushie from 7/11.

Alyson Gessner, Vice President of Communications

Alyson Gessner is a Junior from Northbrook, Illinois. She is majoring in Program in the Environment with a specialization in Environmental Communications, along with minor in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. She is particularly passionate about making scientific information accessible and engaging to the general public, and hopes to work in journalism or another communications role. In her free time, Aly can often be found reading, cooking, taking a very long walk, or finishing her third cup of coffee for the day.

Becky Barsky, Communications Chair of Internal Affairs

Becky is a sophomore from Bethesda, MD. She is majoring in PiTE with focuses in environmental justice and water. Becky can often be found talking (a lot), roaming around campus, and thinking about corn and/or fish. She is a big fan of board games, oddball classes that Michigan offers, and game days!! Apart from EH, Becky is a member of the club field hockey team, a social sorority where she serves as wellness chair, and Wolverine Support Network. She is a part of the Taxis/C.A.B.S. pledge class and loves all of them despite being newly initiated <3! 

Ari Mistry, Communications Chair of Public Relations

Ari is a junior from Ann Arbor, Michigan studying Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience with a minor in Environment. She is always looking for ways to find connections between psychology and environmentalism and is currently researching primate cognition and conservation with the Cognitive Evolution Group at U of M. Ari is an avid gardener who enjoys visits to the campus farm, especially when she gets to take home honey nut squash! She also loves music, hiking, and is the proud owner of a pet fish.

Maggie Zeh, Vice President of Programming

Maggie is a junior from Castle Pines, Colorado (and very proud of her home state). She is majoring in Program in the Environment with minors in Business Administration and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. She joined EH her freshman year in the BYODB class and has loved every second since. When you meet her, you will very quickly learn about her extreme love for the Rocky Mountains where she spends as much time as possible skiing, backpacking, and hiking. Her passions for all things outdoors and environmentalism have fostered into career aspirations centered around sustainable businesses. In addition to her love for the environment, she also enjoys cooking (although some preferred flavor combinations may seem questionable to her roommates), reading, and painting.

Tracy Grosvenor, Vice President of Social

Tracy Grosvenor is a junior majoring in chemistry and ecology, evolution, and biodiversity with a minor in oceanography. Tracy is from Leland, Michigan where during the summers he runs tours sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore. Growing up on the water gave Tracy a love for aquatic ecosystems and in the future Tracy hopes to do research on the impacts of climate change on aquatic environments. In his free time you can see Tracy constantly falling at Planet Rock, planning camping trips he won’t have time for, or just hiking and biking around woods and trails.

Annalee Miklosek, Social Chair

Annalee Miklosek is a sophomore from Toledo, OH double majoring in philosophy and cognitive science, with a focus in Artificial Intelligence. Her passion for the environment started on family camping trips as a child, but grew when she began traveling in high school and was able to see a variety of landscapes other than what she’d grown up around. She loves any place outside of the city where she can get a good look at the stars and she loses her mind when she sees mountains. Annalee is interested in the preservation of wildlife utilizing modern technologies and envisions a future where AI is implemented not only conversationally, but ethically overall. She is also the Social Chair of Mindful Michigan, a student meditation group at UM. In her free time, Annalee loves to cook & bake, play solitaire, hammock, make playlists about every emotion she’s ever felt, and kayak. 

Jacob Zhao, Vice President of Recruitment

Jacob Zhao is a freshman from Bend, Oregon studying Environmental Engineering with a minor in Sustainability. Jacob can usually be found outside photosynthesizing, in East Quad rehearsing theatre and music, or eating exorbitant amounts of food. His interest in environmentalism stems (ha) from his love for nature, and he will likely pursue a career in sustainable infrastructure after graduating. His favorite plant is the Guihua tree from China, but seeing as trees are too large to reasonably ship, he usually settles for any plant he can buy from Trader Joe’s or steal (sustainably) from the Arb.

Elizabeth Blake, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Elizabeth Blake is a junior from Rockville Maryland double majoring in Program in the Environment specializing in Environmental Health and Biology, Health, and Society with a French minor. Elizabeth is passionate about environmental justice and health disparities in the US and abroad. In her free time she loves to ski, hike, read sappy books, watch terrible reality tv.

Ella Simon, Vice President of Finance

Ella is a sophomore from the CITY of Chicago. She is majoring in the Environment and minoring in Business, she specifically wants to focus on creating more sustainable businesses. Even though she has lived in the midwest all her life, Ella truly dreams of moving to the PNW when she is older where she can go on cool hikes in the mountains and go whale watching on the Pacific. Outside of Eta, Ella loves going on walks, eating Totoro, and binge watching Wisecrack YouTube videos.